Rock It Productions is a PayPal verified company and we have been doing business online for more than twenty-five years. With thousands of beats sold to satisfied clients from all over the world, you can be certain that buying beats from us is safe, secure, and professional. If you are new to buying beats online or have any questions before you purchase, feel free to Contact Us.

Name: Tiffany Pinnock
Email: N/A
My overall experience with Rock It Productions was absolutely great! The transaction was easy and quick and I received the email containing everything I needed right after my purchase. Sho-Down was even nice enough to mail me all of the music that I ordered along with the license since my computer was running slow and freezing up on me. If that’s not good customer service, then I don’t know what is. I was very pleased with the quality of the beats that I received and will definitely be coming back for more music when I finish recording over the tracks that I have from him now. I also like the fact that there is a large variety of music posted by Rock It Productions. They don’t just cater to r&b or rap artists, but to every kind of artist there is. With that said, if you don’t find what you are looking for on RockItPro.com, then you are NOT looking hard enough!

Name: niko
Email: nikobeats @ gmail.com
If you’re reading these testimonies, you already know that Rock It Productions is a site filled and growing with studio-quality, professionally composed beats. As an avid listener and fan since 2004, I can personally tell you that I’ve licensed over a dozen beats. From beginning to end, each transaction was smooth, professional, and completed in a timely manner.

When you license a beat with Rock It Productions, definitely consider purchasing the optional Track Separation, you’ll get high-quality beat files in the industry-standard .WAV file format – essential for professional recording. Having overseen album production and studio management of various artists over the last 8 years, I can honestly say that having these quality .WAV files will save you time and money in the studio. Each beat is broken down into its separated instrument parts to achieve the best possible mixing and mastering processes when your single/album is ready for completion. In addition, you can rearrange the beat to best fit the structure of your song. Drop the drums in and out of a verse. Go acapella with a punch line. Have a singer showcase their vocals on just the piano and drums. No matter what you come up with, every detailed part of the beat is there. You’re only limited to your imagination. -NiKo!

Name: C.S.
Email: saluzcion @ gmail.com
I’ve been a member since the fall of 2008, so far my crew members and I have licensed approximately 5 instrumentals, two of them were beats with hooks. We managed to enlist in the Billboard World Song Contest 2009, thanks to the beats with hook we licensed. So far we have had a decent run and will most definitely work with Sho-Down again in the near future. I highly recommend any new/starting/novice and seasoned/professional/veteran artist to grab a license and use RockItPro for their future projects.

Name: VIRUS (Virus Music/Intrinz Ink. Records)
Email: virus60223 @ yahoo.com
There are many producers and beat makers online but none compare to the level of quality and professionalism at RockItPro.com. After your purchase you are sent a high quality .wav file of the fully mixed beat, and for a small extra charge you can purchase the fully tracked out parts of the beat. With high-quality beats at affordable prices, what more could you possibly ask for? After my first couple of purchases, I decided to shop the website for my entire project instead of wasting my time and money elsewhere. Better get ’em while you still can, cuz I have a feeling that one day the Exclusive Rights to all these beats will be purchased by someone and you will be assed out.

Name: LowKey and The Cali Boyz
Email: LowKey916 @ hotmail.com
I’d like to thank Rock It Productions for delivering some heaters. We got the License agreements in no time and everything sounded great. It’s good to know producers like Rock It Pro are out there doing legit business. Thanks again and we look forward to doing more business in the future. – LowKey from The Cali Boyz

Name: Dogtag760
Email: jeffpoirier @ mac.com
The quality of Rock It Productions beats is unsurpassed. Sho-Down creates some of the finest instrumental rap beats I’ve ever heard. When I needed a hot track and I needed it fast, Rock It Pro made it happen. Sho-Down sets a new standard for quality, professionalism and customer service. If you’re serious about your tracks, Rock It Pro is the place to go! – “Dogtag” – Audio Engineer, Savage Sound – Oceanside, CA

Name: Brutha Pone
Email: N/A
My name is Brutha Pone, I am a Christian rap artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I recently purchased a track from Rock It Pro and I can honestly say I am pleased with the service. I really felt the track, and I inquired about getting it and was given the info in detail and in a timely manner. After I made the purchase I received the beat and contract instantly, excellent service. I will purchase more tracks from this site, thanks.

Name: illwill
Email: theoneandonlyillwill @ gmail.com
Sho-Down, CEO of Rock It Productions, is my f’in man!! I have been a die hard fan of Rock It Productions from the first time I heard a Rock It beat. Sho-Down is very professional about his work and it shows in his music. Much Love to Sho-Down and his company!

Name: X-Phyle
Email: matt @ fteproductions.com
First off I got to give a shout out to Sho-Down, he is one of the sickest producers I have ever worked with. This kid has skills and he knows what he’s doing. I placed my order and received my beats instantly, fast service! I’m tellin ya’ll don’t sleep on my man, keep an ear out for this cat.

Name: Exalted 1ne
Email: the_xtreme_exalted @ hotmail.com
This was my first time buying beats from anywhere online. Sho-Down of Rock It Productions maintained an extreme level of professionalism and courtesy while handling my order. He also gave me great advice for my upcoming album such as CD replication and promotion. Sho-Down treats his customers like they were family and I look forward to doing business with him again in the future.

Name: Krumbz
Email: Krumbz2003 @ aol.com
My man Sho Down is doin’ big thingz this year! We came to him looking for specific typez of trackz and duke is crazy! He had everything laid out and ready to go. The kat is very professional and he delivered a final quality product on demand. If you’re lookin’ for bangin’ quality production along with professional service and fair prices…look no further. This is the dude to go to. If Sho-Down/Rock It Productions aren’t on top of the rap game in 3 yearz from now… I’ll drop the mic, quit spittin’ and sell fresh squeezed lemonade for the rest of my life! Real talk.

Name: Reborn Disciple
Email: rbd4him @ aol.com
I’ve done business with Sho-Down of Rock It productions for the past two years. His integrity and professionalism goes without saying. From music production of it’s highest quality and prompt return service, his company goes unmatched. I look forward to many years of obtaining the best production Sho-Down has to offer.

Name: Steevie G.
Email: dosman @ adelphia.net
Rock It Productions is all about quality beats. I was looking for beats that had a specific style and sound to them and was extremely happy when I found Rock It Productions. Sho-Down has the talents that separate him from the rest of the on-line beat makers. I have purchased a couple of beats so far and have been really pleased with the quality of the beats and the time it took for them to arrive (instantly). Not only does that show service, but a level of seriousness and dedication as well. In a world of thousands of beat makers, Sho-Down is one of the very best.

Name: Kevin
Email: insiterecords @ yahoo.com
Website: www.InsiteRecords.net
Yo, these beats are for real. If you want to be heard, you gotta catch the people’s ear with the beat first, then they’ll listen. This is exactly the place that can do that for you. Rock It Productions does not mess around, you hit them up, they get right back to you and get down to business. That’s how it’s supposed to be done, and that’s how they do it.

Name: KosMIC Records
Email: info @ kosmic-rec.com
Sho-Down is definitely one of the best and most musically creative producers I’ve heard and worked with, who is skillful enough to create mainstream quality tracks. He professionally handled everything, from the initial contact to the transaction and shipment, which is very important. I’m looking forward to working with him often and I’d prefer him to anyone who’s serious about their projects.

Name: Kirk Whiting
Email: kirk.whiting @ sbcglobal.net
My son had started a very personal song and abandoned it until he came across Rock It Productions and found a beat that motivated him to finish. After deciding to record the new song in a professional studio, I contacted Sho-Down about buying the beat. The transaction went smoothly and Sho-Down delivered on everything he promised. Only a few days after first contacting Sho-Down I had the beat in my hands (I needed the music mailed to my home). The engineer at the studio commented on how good the beat sounded and how easy it was to work with. We managed to make a fine recording due in no small-part to Sho-Down and Rock It Productions. I recommend him to any one needing beats who is serious about making good music.

Name: CEO of Carte Blanche Ent
Email: bigwillie29407 @ yahoo.com
Rock It Productions is a professional when it comes to the beats, not only are his beats of the highest quality but he conducts business in the same manner. I would definitely recommend Rock It for anyone serious about getting good beats for their music!

Email: skooch @ pro-gravity.com
Yo. I bought a beat from Rock It Productions and it was not only quality, it was delivered with quickness and professionalism as promised. Much appreciated. I’d definitely work with Rock It again. PEACE.

Name: E-Two
Email: emcee_etwo @ yahoo.com
ShoDown is one of the dopest producers I’ve ever heard. He’s got some of the most innovative beats that even broke, beginner emcees can afford. I’ve now used 4 of his instrumentals on two of my projects and they were worth every dollar. Rock It Productions is a true representative of the hip hop art form.

Name: Mo-X
Email: johman @ isomedia.com
I’ve bought quite a few beats from Rock It Productions and have been satisfied with the quality of every single beat. Sho-Down has a unique style that blends with the artists creative thought patterns, thus forming a song like no other. His work is of top quality craftsmanship.

Name: Morphius
Email: TwistedMentalz02 @ aol.com
I have done business with Rock It Productions for many years now. I would recommend his beats to anyone who is truly serious about their music. He is capable of creating beats of many different styles, where not only the music is good, but the levels and overall quality are too.

Name: Kantex
Email: truthugac @ hotmail.com
I’ve been looking around at beats for awhile and I came across this producer on mp3.com. He is definitely one of the best artists featured here — not only making quality beats but delivering them in a timely fashion. Sho-Down was very professional in his approach, and hammering out a deal to fit my needs was not a problem. I was so happy with how smoothly the transaction went, I included/promoted him in my album credit “thank-you’s.” If you are serious about your music, this is the man to see.

Name: Mz Infinit
Email: tisiinfiniti @ hotmail.com
I bought a few beats from Sho-Down about a month ago, I was very pleased with the finished product and I’m coming back for more soon. He was very professional with his work and took the time to talk with me about exactly what I wanted, I can’t wait until I get some more tracks from him!

Name: Capone
Email: LatinoJam @ aol.com
Yo, Sho-down runs a tight operation, no hassles and when I bought my tracks (a total of 7 beats) they arrived to my studio with a quickness. The sound quality was perfect and the tracks were slammin. I’ll definitely keep working with Sho-Down for all my projects.

Name: Scott al-tall a.k.a. Mr. Bilistic
Email: saltall @ kscable.com
This is Mr. Bilistic from Wichita, Kansas. I bought two beats from Rock It Productions for my album “Oppressed No Longer,” I received the beats with no delay and in top notch quality, there was absolutely no problems. I will definitely keep working with him and would recommend him to anyone.

Name: K.O.D.
Email: fplyrisist @ aol.com
Yo, I’m going to be straight up honest, Sho-Down displays the illest skills I’ve ever heard. I’ve bought quite a few of his beats, and I’ve never been disappointed. The quality which is very important to me was very good, and what I am most impressed with, is that he does not sample, he makes his instrumentals from scratch, so it’s RAW talent, and that’s what makes his sound stand out as much as it does. I will definitely keep buying from Sho-Down, and I don’t expect I would get anything less than HOT beats, he hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Name: Mic Q
Email: COMBATRAP @ aol.com
Rock It Productions delivers an exceptionally professional product in a timely fashion. I look forward to doing more and more business with them. A+ production.

Name: Steph
Email: SJTQV02 @ aol.com
If anybody needs some hot, professional sounding beats, Sho-Down is your man. I was looking for a specific sound and feel for a song I wrote and shopped beats for weeks trying to find the perfect track until a friend of mine recommended Sho-Down. I checked out his website and was so impressed with the variety and uniqueness of his catalog that I’ve been down with him ever since. He sends my beats on time and they’re laid out just the way I want them. I recommend him to anybody who is serious about their craft.